Here is a bit more of information regarding your web coach and your web designer, all in one!

I am creating high-performance websites for small businesses and professionals. I provide ongoing web services, tech support, regular maintenance, nightly backups, updating content, install new features, edit on behalf of my clients, and handle monthly updates as needed. I also provide an advanced web service: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and I make sure the websites I create are all mobile-responsive (resizes and works in all types of devices and browsers). All of this in French and English.

What I Do

My name is Nathalie and I live in France. I create websites for businesses all around the world, and I use Skype or Messenger to communicate with customers abroad.  I have a passion for WordPress, Divi and PhotoShop to make the website look stunning.

Acting like the good computer nerd reading up on the latest trends and seeing where the future is going. I have been in the web fields since the early 2010’s. What a difference the world of web development has made since then! When not on the laptop developing, I work for an airline, one that’s on the other side of the Manche sea, where it’s always appreciated to add milk to your tea… It gives me the great opportunity to get some inspiration, especially regarding design, as design is different according to the country you’re in. I’m completely bilingual French/English.

Also, (and that’s added for those who read the whole text above!), I am still playing Candy Crush… Please don’t tell my kids as they may stare at me and give me some grief!